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Legal Audit Program

Leaders of emerging and established companies want to focus on their business operations. Yet neglecting to establish and maintain the proper legal framework for a business can deter investors or purchasers, reduce a company’s negotiating leverage, and derail companies that are unprepared for structural or other changes.

Leech Tishman lawyers have spent years providing business leaders with counsel on requirements for companies to grow, attract investors, prepare to be acquired, and solve problems. Leech Tishman’s Legal Audit Program comprises modular packages of fixed-price legal reviews that help companies get their documents and practices in order across four areas:

Each area above needs attention because any real or perceived risk or lack of documentation can lead potential investors or partners to lower their estimates of your company’s value, increase their demands in exchange for support, or walk away from a deal. Some possible scenarios:

  • You are trying to decide the optimal organizational structure for your company as it grows.
  • You are looking for additional financing, or help in acquisition planning.
  • You may be using another company’s brand or technology without knowing it, or unintentionally be exposing your unique trade secrets to the competition.
  • You may have a human resources problem that could be solved with a proactive employment practice review.

A legal audit in any of these areas can save time and money if it helps avoid litigation and protects the value you have created in your company. Is a Legal Audit Program right for you?

Leech Tishman’s Legal Audit Program lets you know where your company stands today, identifies risks, provides recommendations for the future, and offers counsel to prepare your company for its next phase of operation. We can build on the consultative relationship by performing legal tasks identified by the audit as required or recommended. Companies in the audit program receive a discount on follow-up services. We also offer outside general counsel arrangements which allow companies to tap our legal expertise as needed for a monthly fixed fee.

If you would like to discuss an audit approach that fits your company’s needs, please contact Leech Tishman partners, Ken Foltz ( or William A. Buck (